My 3 Es of Event Perception

During my studies, I’ve noticed that a lot of academics like alliteration – from Kotler’s 5 Ps of marketing to Gordon’s 11 Cs of customer relationships, many researchers have jumped on the bandwagon to assert their opinions. As a soon-to-be events graduate, it occurred to me that my fellow students and I are the future of academic literature, so why not give it a go now?!

My 3 Es of Event Participation (2)


It’s crucial that your event meets the aims and objectives set for it before you started to organise it – and if you didn’t set aims and objectives then you’re setting yourself up for an ineffective event before you even begin! Whether you hope to spread a message, teach a lesson, raise some money or just give someone a great time, it’s important to know what you wish to achieve. When I’m planning an event, I usually work to multiple sets of aims and objectives. Different stakeholders have different needs, whether it’s those of the client who sets the overall purpose of the event, the attendee who wants to get as much as they can from the event, or me as the event manager achieving my personal goals. An effective event is a good event.


Keeping attendees attention is key to enhancing their perception of your event. Engaging their participation before the event through comprehensive communications, during the event through interesting content and after the event through effective follow-ups can make the difference between a positive recommendation for your services or client and a total lack of word-of-mouth publicity. Working out just how to engage your attendees is a different process for every event, but you should treat them as any other stakeholder – try to imagine exactly what they want from your event and how best you should present it to them.


An enjoyable event will always be effective and engaging for the attendee. Enjoyment of the overall process is dependant on so many different criteria and differs from person to person, but an event that really gives the attendee something to take away will always be successful (even if it’s just a pen or a good lunch!) Enjoyable events create positive attendees – just think of the satisfied conference audience, the sponsors with a renewed passion for your charity, or the happy couple having the best day of their lives.

If you could come up with your alliterative idea, what would it be? Let me know in the comments


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