Recipe review: Skinny Kitchen Secrets’ Chicken Pathia

With summer comes a renewed need to get back on the Weight Watchers wagon. Weekends at home make it especially hard to stick to the plan – all I want to do is relax and have fun! – but it really hit home this weekend how easy it is for the points to add up when I’m not in control of my meals. So in my mission to get on track, last night I decided to cook my parents a diet-friendly curry!

I decided to try Skinny Kitchen Secrets’¬†chicken pathia recipe – we’d talked about getting a take away so a ‘fake away’ sounded just right! The brain behind Skinny Kitchen Secrets is Laura, a Gold Weight Watchers member and all round genius when it comes to low-point recipes. There’s a host of recipes on her blog to suit all dietary needs and fancies, which is really helpful when you’re trying to plan your meals.

It was a really easy recipe to make, and deliciously tangy. My mum must have said that it didn’t taste like a diet meal at least four times. I subbed the low-cal spray for olive oil, so it worked out at just 3sp – really easy to build into your day even when you want to have a few drinks. With some sour cream (2sp) and a flatbread (3sp), this was a filling and tasty dinner for a Saturday evening, that those not watching their weight could enjoy too.

If your spice cupboard is half way decent, I’d imagine you’ll have pretty much everything in already – and it would be really easy to make this veggie or vegan too, by subbing the chicken for paneer, tofu or added vegetables. I’d definitely recommend giving this a go next time someone suggests ordering a curry!

Click here to check out the recipe – give it a go and let me know if you enjoyed it too.




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